Upgrading even the smallest environment has never been easy particularly when it encompasses your key line of business and collaboration services. Traditionally SME business owners have relied on systems such as Small Business Server to provide all of their core computing services and whilst they have worked well many of these offerings are now at or near their retirement date. Modern Businesses particularly small businesses need to do things more efficiently and effectively.

So why do you need to Upgrade ?

There are many reasons that you may want or need to upgrade your systems,  compliance in your industry or sector, feature or application compatibility requirements, and/or retirement of products. Over the last several years Microsoft have announced some fairly major retirements most notably the retirement of Windows XP, Office 2003, Exchange 2003 in April 2014 and the retirement of Windows 2003 Server in July 2015. The retirement of these products effectively means that from this date Microsoft will not release patch and security fixes for them anymore, making them vulnerable to malware and other malicious software. Other compatibility issues arise where updated versions of common products may not operate correctly, for example Outlook 2013 will not work with Exchange 2003. If your  organisation is still running any of these systems today then you may already be at risk and I would urge you to upgrade or  migrate as soon as possible!

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