I provide expert level support services on a contract or as needed basis covering a wide variety of operating systems and services including:

  • Windows Server and Desktop OS
  • Small business Server
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • OpenVMS
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Firewall and Encryption Technologies

My experience and unique skill set is a key differentiator over other support providers.

Remote Support

Expert Level Support for the SME from practically anywhere, request remote session support for your Windows/Linux  Client or Server. I can help you remedy the problem quickly and efficiently. Support as you need it when you need it. I provide this service to our contract clients as a standard feature for more information please call or email me to request a call back.



Remote Assistance FAQ

Q. What is Remote Assistance ?
A. Remote Assistance allows me to take over your system (PC or Server) to resolve system errors for you.
Q. Do you install software ?
A. Yes, a small piece of software is installed for the duration of the support session only, this is automatically removed when the support session is over.
Q. Is this secure ?
A. Yes, the software use an encryption Protocol (SSL) to encrypt the support session,
Q. Do I need to provide passwords or other information ?
A. I require no passwords in order to provide this service. The session is requested and monitored by you and can be ended by you at any time