By now everyone must be aware of the threat posed by malware, the most alarming of which are the more recent spate of "Ransomeware" attacks. This type of malware is quite sophisticated and utilises a layered approach to firstly take advantage of a known exploit within in your operating system and then deposit malicious software that will further compromise your system. Ransomeware is particularly incideous as once your system has been compromised it encrypts any drive the system has access to and once that happens it cannot be unencrypted. Your only option then is to recover from backup or pay the ransom!

Solutions that Work

No matter what security solution you deploy it has got to work and this means being innovative, responsive and up to date. Over the last 30 years I have worked with all of the leading security products accross a broad spectrum of systems and network environments. I work with a network of suppliers and distributors to provide solutions that span the entire enterprise with products for small business and large enterprise whether on premise or cloud based including endpoint, server, mobile, network perimeter and data encryption. I design, source and deploy solutions that protect your business and valuable data.

  • Common Mistakes

    • No regular security updates
    • Using outdated or no malware protection
    • No network firewall or security appliance
    • No regular backups performed
    • No security policy
    • Users not aware!
    • Still using retired operating systems such as Windows XP
  • Best Practice

    • Security Updates once a month
    • Use some kind of Malware protection
    • Deploy a security appliance
    • Do Regular Backups
    • Develop a security policy
    • Educate Users
    • Plan to retire obsolete versions of the operating system
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